Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air launched with apple’s M1 processor: price and specification

Apple has launched its first MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini laptops that will be powered by its in-house ARM-based Apple M1 SoC. The company claimed that the M1 chip is “world’s fastest CPU core,” the fastest integrated graphics, and big power and performance gains compared to the Intel chips it had previously used.

In the beginning of this year, Apple has announced that it would begin transitioning the entire Mac product from the Intel X86 CPU to in-house ARM-based processors. The Apple M1 Soc has specially designed for Mac, packed with 16 billion transistors integrated with GPU, Neural Engine, image signal processor, and Secure Enclave.  The Apple M1 chip has Eight cores (four high-power and four power-efficient), manufactured on a power efficient 5nm and designed with a new unified memory architecture that is said to improve power efficiency.

The M1 chip has eight GPU cores that will deliver 2.6 Teraflops of throughput. Apple says it is the world’s most powerful integrated GPU. It is said to be twice as powerful as current GPUs, or consumers one-third as much power to deliver the same levels of performance. The software also gets access to more memory than ever before.

MacOS 11 Big Sur has been developed to unlock the potential of the M1 chip, engineered to schedule tasks between the high-performance and efficiency cores. Other features like machine learning for tasks like image resolution upscaling, video reframing, and voice recognition are drastically improved. The Secure Enclave promises best-in-class security.

New MacBook Pro 13-inch Price and features:

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro is said to be 2.8X faster, with up to 5X faster graphics and 11X faster machine learning than the previous generation, making it the world’s fastest compact pro notebook. It uses active cooling to allow for sustained performance in tasks such as video transcoding and compiling code. Battery life is up to 17 hours of wireless Web browsing and 20 hours of video playback, which is 10 hours more than before. This is the longest battery life ever for a Mac. Apple also promises studio-quality mics for video calls or recording audio, plus the improved M1 camera processor for sharper video with less grain and better contrast in low light. It has two Thunderbolt ports compatible with USB 4 and can drive the Apple Pro Display XDR at full 6K resolution, all in the same design as before.

The price of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro will be available from November 17 and priced at Rs. 1,22,900 for 256GB of storage, and Rs. 1,42,900 for 512GB of storage. The company has kept the price of the new Macbook Pro at the same as the previous MacBook Pro models. Both feature 8GB of unified memory. Intel-based MacBook Pro 13-inch models are also still listed, with 512GB and 1TB of storage priced at Rs. 1,74,900 and Rs. 1,94,900 respectively. All variants are sold in Silver and Space Grey.

MacBook Air Price and features:

The MacBook Air is the world’s best-selling 13-inch notebook. and new MacBook Air is 3.5 times faster CPU performance with up to 5 times faster GPU speed and 9 times faster machine learning capability. The new MacBook Air is said to be faster than 98 percent of PC laptops sold in the past year. The new MacBook Air is now fanless and runs completely silent. It delivers up to 15 hours of wireless Web browsing and 18 hours of video playback, 6 hours longer than before.

The MacBook Air with Apple M1 SoC will be available from November 17 and priced at Rs. 92,900 for a 256GB variant and a 512GB model priced at Rs. 1,17,900 in India. The company has kept the price of the new model at the same as the previous model. The Macbook Air will available in three color options Silver, Space Grey, and Gold.

Mac mini powered by Apple Silicon

The new Mac mini is said to be up to 3X faster in terms of CPU performance than the previous version, with a 6X increase in graphics performance and 15X faster machine learning. It is also said to be just a tenth the size of the current top-selling desktop PC, and up to 5X faster.

The Mac mini will be available from November 17 and priced at Rs. 64,900 for a 256GB variant and at Rs. 84,900 for a 512 GB variant. the Mac mini will available only in the Silver color variant.

Apple Store is also offering discount for current and newly accepted university students, parents buying for university students, and teachers and staff at all levels, and save up to ₹23,990 on a new Mac, and up to ₹7,445 on a new iPad.

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