Google One Backup Tool Available to All Users for No Additional Charge

Google on Wednesday announced that two Google One features including phone backup and a new storage manager tool will be available to all Google users for no additional cost. The company said that the phone back up feature enables users to back up their Android or iOS device. The storage manager tool is said to aid users in cleaning up the files across Drive, Gmail and Photos. The company said that two features including the phone back up facility will be available to all Google users where Google One is currently available. The Google One is currently available in over 140 countries around the world including India, the United States, UK and Canada.

Google Phone Backup Feature Available to All Google Users

The automatic phone backup feature is said to be available to all Google users on Android devices even if the users have not signed up for Google One membership. The company is also said to be introducing a new iOS app that enables users to store photos, videos, contacts and calendar events with Google.

Google said that the users can backup their devices up to 15GB as offered with every Google account for no additional cost. However, the users crossing the 15GB limit are required to upgrade to the Google One paid membership plan.

In India, Google offers three paid membership plans with 100GB, 200GB and 2TB storage options for users. The 100GB plan priced at Rs 130 per month offers 100GB storage along with additional benefits like an option to add family members and Google Play credits.

Similarly, the 200GB storage plan carries a price tag of Rs 210 per month while the 2TB storage is priced at Rs 650 per month. It has to be noted the 100GB, 200GB and 2TB storage can also be purchased annually for a price of Rs 1300, Rs 2100 and Rs 6500 respectively.

Google Unveils Storage Manager Tool

The company has also introduced a new storage manager tool that offers insight into how the users use their storage. The tool is also said to aid users by enabling them to free up the space on their Google One account.

Google highlighted that the new features will be rolling out to the Android users “in the coming days” while the iOS app will be “available soon.”

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